Family Law

Family Law is the general term for legal matters involving marriage, divorce, child custody, child or spousal support (alimony), or adoption.

Marriage and Divorce:

Enduring a divorce will always throw your life into chaos. Not only must you come to terms with living your life on your own, but a divorce will create many legal questions that you must answer.

At a minimum, a divorce separates two people’s formerly joined lives. This concerns matters of property ownership and support. However, many divorces are far more complex and need to deal with questions concerning child custody, support, and visitation. These questions can be overwhelming, and the outcome of a divorce will have an impact on your life for the foreseeable future.

Before marriage, many people choose to avoid much of the disputes in divorce by having an agreement before marriage — a so-called “prenup” (prenuptial) agreement can set aside many issues.


Custody issues arise in divorce when there is a dispute regarding who is the better parent for the child/ren from the marriage.  Let us help you protect your rights.