Transactions (Technology)

Transactions and Contracts

Our key focus areas:

  • IP Licensing / Purchases / Transfers
  • VoIP services - onsite and offsite hosting.
  • Cloud Computing + As-a-Service Platforms
  • Copyright / Trademark Exploitation
  • Digital Media and¬†Digital Distribution agreements
  • Joint Ventures, Joint Development Projects, Strategic Alliances
  • M&A-Related Technology Transactions
  • Outsourcing - Services
  • Social Media presence
  • Software Licensing and Open Source Issues
  • Technology Licensing, Distribution and Supply Agreements
  • Site licensing

Transactions and Contracts



Technology acquisition for small to medium sized businesses should not be approached in the same manner as buying a PC or network device for your personal use. Businesses have needs that must be anticipated within the procurement agreement. What will you do when the service or device fails? Who will be responsible?

Only your contract can protect your business.

With over fifteen years in telecommunications, Attorney Izaak Bozof has the hands-on experience you need to help you wade through the offerings, protect your business, license and protect your intellectual property, or simply assist you in reviewing your current mix of agreements when it comes time to renew.

Let B & B Law Group be your partner in helping your business grow and right-size your telecommunications and IT agreements.