Tax Law

Our Tax Law practice encompasses several areas

Tax controversy involves helping clients resolve issues and debt with the tax authorities. B & B Law Group helps clients comply with tax laws and protect their rights with the tax authorities. It can be very daunting trying to deal with a tax bill alone, when you can't pay the bill. Getting representation from a tax attorney will always preserve your rights.

Tax Settlements refers to what many in TV ads call "settling your tax bill for pennies on the dollar." We can assure you that those kinds of settlements are exceptionally uncommon, but we will review your case and give you the best estimate of what you can expect in a settlement. The IRS does not accept everyone for a settlement and "tax professionals" who are not trained in the law will not be able to represent your legal interests sufficiently. Only a tax attorney that is licensed before the United States Tax Court is equipped for this.

Tax Planning is the use of legal methods of sheltering income or assets such that you minimize your tax liability.

You definitely need a tax attorney if:

  • You have a taxable estate, need to make complex estate planning strategies, or need to file an estate tax return.
  • You are starting a business and need legal counsel about the structure and tax treatment of your company.
  • You are engaging in international business and need help with contracts, tax treatment, and other legal matters.
  • You plan to bring a suit against the IRS.
  • You plan to seek independent review of your case before the US Tax Court.
  • You are under criminal investigation by the IRS.
    You have committed tax fraud (such as claiming false deductions and credits) and need the protection of privilege.

Tax Liability Settlements

Business Tax Planning

Tax Litigation

Personal Tax Planning