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The choice to invest in a franchise can be a profitable business decision requiring careful consideration. While it is vital to review all aspects of a contract before entering into an agreement, franchise disclosure documents can often be hundreds of pages long and written in legal jargon difficult for potential franchisees to digest. At B & B Law Group, our franchise attorney possesses an in-depth knowledge of franchise law and can help you to determine if the terms set by an agreement are right for you.
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Franchise Disclosure Documents: Read the Fine Print

When entering into franchise agreements, the franchisor is required by law to provide an investor with a franchise disclosure document (FDD) containing information about the franchise, the parent company, and the franchise agreements themselves. The length and complexity of most FDDs can be intimidating to potential franchise owners and our firm can review this document with you in plain English so that you understand the exact terms of your franchise agreement.

Our team can help you review sections of the FDD including:

  • The terms outlined by the franchise agreement
  • Past lawsuits filed against the company
  • Statements regarding the financial health of the franchisor
  • Attrition rates of franchisees
  • Contact information for other franchisees

It is vital to seek clarification for anything that you do not fully comprehend. Regardless of what was discussed leading up to an agreement, it is important to read, review, and understand exactly what is in your FDD before signing. Failure to do so can hinder your ability to seek legal action in the case of a dispute. If you have any questions regarding the FDD or your franchise agreement, do not hesitate to contact our firm.

Can I Negotiate the Terms of My Agreement?

An advantage to investing in a franchise is the consistency that a customer can expect from your business. While this makes a franchise an attractive investment, it can also leave little room for contract negotiation. Many times, representatives of the franchisor will insist that that terms of an agreement are non-negotiable. While it is true that most terms outlined by an agreement will not be subject to negotiation, not every detail is set in stone. Franchisors may be willing to make amendments or add benefits to an agreement when they do not compromise the consistency of the established franchise system.
The ability to negotiate changes to an agreement may also depend in part on the size of the franchise. Generally, larger operations will have more entrenched franchise systems with fewer areas open to discussion. However, even the largest corporations may consider your concerns when presented correctly. When you work with our firm, we can help you understand what may reasonably be expected during the agreement process.