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For those considering a new small business venture, good planning and forming close working relationships with a group of advisors are essential and can insure your chance of long-term success. An attorney is particularly important in helping you iron out the plans for your business and insure that you achievement them.

Many attorney/client relationships begin when a business owner realizes they need to think about establishing a formal entity through which to operate his business, and they seek out a business lawyer for advice and assistance. In this context, the lawyer should be an objective sounding board for the business owners' needs and aspirations. A lawyer's job always begins with listening. Through conversation, the lawyer can develop an understanding of the client's business operation, business risks and plans for the future and determine the best business format for the client from the following possibilities:

Many business owners wait to seek out attorneys when they are sued, are about to be sued, or need to initiate legal proceedings against others. At this point, particularly when the business is the defendant, the desired protections of a particular type of business entity are put to the test. Business attorneys with civil litigation experience are better equipped to anticipate certain liability problems at the formation stage of a business entity because they have been "sensitized" to the realities of business litigation through actual trial. Having an attorney grounded in both aspects of the business world, business formation and business litigation, can provide added insights for your business. Our attorneys are here to help make sure that you and your business are a success.