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B & B Law Group serves individuals and businesses from its offices in Fairfax, Virginia (in the Washington, DC metro area). With practice areas that include family law, criminal defense, tax litigation and representation, tax planning, business law, and real estate, we can serve a wide range of needs. The firm's attorneys have been representing clients in legal matters for nearly two decades, so whether you're looking for help with a tax settlement, are in need of a family lawyer, starting or running a business, were wrongfully terminated at work, or need criminal defense, B & B Law Group can help you!
Because of its years of experience, B & B Law Group in Fairfax is able to offer you the opportunity to receive large-firm expertise at cost-effective rates. No matter the case, we always treat our clients with respect and work to get you the best solution possible!
We are committed to your success because we will craft you a legal plan to meet your particular needs and desires. To learn about those needs and desires, we will listen carefully to you and advise you on the best path for your success. You receive a free initial consultation for any matter. Get help now!
The attorneys at B & B Law GroupĀ  in Fairfax assist their clients with a wide variety of legal issues, such as:

  • Family Matters - Custody, Child Support, Spousal Support, Divorce
  • Tax - Settling Tax Debt, Business Tax Planning
  • Real Estate - Purchase and Sale of Property, Contracts
  • Labor and Employment Litigation - Wrongful Termination, Denial of Unemployment, Denial of Pension

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